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On your mark, get set... GIVE BACK!

Are you ready to Move for Mateship and raise funds for a safer, stronger community?

You're invited to get moving and make a difference!

During weeks 6-9 of Term 3, let's step, jump, dance or play. There's no limit to how your school can participate.

How will it work?

Get your school involved in

three easy steps

1) Sign Up

Embrace the mateship and sign up!

There are no restrictions - want to get involved outside of the classroom? Individual registrations are welcome.

2) Get Moving

Plan how you'll participate in the challenge. Whether you're running, walking, cycling, swimming or dancing - every move counts.

Pick your preferred activity and start logging your hours!

3) Let's FUNdraise!

Kick start your fundraising efforts! Personalise your fundraising page and share the unique link with friends and family.

Every dollar raised supports the Sammy D Foundation's mission to end violence!


Ready to make
a difference?

With a focus on inclusivity and collective action, the
Move for Mateship challenge encourages educators and students to commit to moving for 30 minutes each day for a 3 week period alongside their mates.

Let's move together for a violence free future!


Your efforts can have a BIG impact

By participating in Move For Mateship, you're not just promoting physical health and teamwork among your school and classmates; you're also supporting the Sammy D Foundation's mission to end violence!

Every goal reached will contribute to creating a safer, more inclusive community.

Your involvement will help us empower young people with the tools and knowledge to prevent violence and serve as a reminder of the importance of mateship. 


Have a question that isn't covered below? Reach out to our friendly team at to find out more.

What is Move For Mateship?

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Move For Mateship is our BRAND NEW fundraising challenge that runs during weeks 6-9 of term 3. It encourages kids to have a positive attitude towards exericse, get out of their comfort zone and connect with their mates whilst raising important funds to support our violence prevention education programs. 

Who is the Sammy D Foundation?

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The Sammy D Foundation is dedicated to preventing violence and fostering positive decision-making among young people.

Established in 2008 in memory of Sam Davis, who tragically lost his life a senseless act of violence, the Foundation provides educational programs and mentoring initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of bullying, violence and alcohol and substances fueled incidents.

How do I Move For Mateship?

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Participating in Move For Mateship is easy and fun! Simply commit to moving for 30 minutes each day over a 3-week period.

You can choose any activity that gets you moving, whether it’s starting your day with a calming yoga session, taking a brisk walk or biking to and from school with a friend.

Feel free to set your own goals and get creative with how you stay active.

The most important thing is to enjoy the movement and connect with your mates!


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